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sock dreams by sabrinalikescake
March 5, 2009, 7:21 pm
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i’ve always loved striped socks, particularly knee-highs.  to me, the epitome of a perfect pairing is a pair of old converse with striped socks.  it’s hard to find the perfect knee-high striped sock- not too tight, stays up all day, the right thickness, comfortable, doesn’t make your feet sweat too much, etc., so when i find a pair i love i will darn those bad boys until it’s just not possible to darn them anymore.  

last night i dreamt about socks.  in my dream, my coworker dylan lived in a huge decrepit mansion and all his roommates were trying to get me to wear their dirty smelly socks.  i have a strict one day only rule when it comes to wearing socks, so there was no way that i was going to put their dirty socks on, no matter how pretty they were.  oh, and pretty they were….all knee-highs, all stripes, all with my favorite colors.  

i am pretty sure i had this dream because yesterday at work my order of six new pairs of knee-high striped socks from arrived (free shipping!  you can’t go wrong!).  i am wearing one of them today- the two toned skater stripes in white with aqua:


i’m even wearing old converse.


Soul-mate/facial moisturizer by AEB
February 24, 2009, 10:23 pm
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I am a girl that loves trying new products, almost to a fault.  And I know I’m not alone.  (See Sabby Bug’s post below.)

But there are some products that withstand both the test of time and the siren song of new product lines.  For me, one such product is Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15.  It’s the best moisturizer that I’ve ever used — winter or summer, dry or oily.  I only strayed once: when I was a member of the Park Slope Food Coop, I bought some sort of seaweed-based moisturizer, but I came right back and haven’t left since.

Seriously.  I could sing the praises of this moisturizer all day long.  New products don’t hold a candle to it!

Update: Here was the temporary “other woman” moisturizer.  Never again!

i had really greasy hair back then by sabrinalikescake
February 24, 2009, 9:44 pm
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growing up i never cared much about shampoo or conditioner.  to be totally honest, until the 8th grade i only showered once a week, so shampoo and conditioner played a very small role in my life.  even after my bathing habits improved, i didn’t really gave much thought to the products i used in the shower and generally washed my hair with whatever was already in there.  even after i moved out of my parent’s house i had little interest in these things, i would pick a brand and loyally stick with it for a few years until i got bored and switched.  whenever i visited friends i always though it was so weird that they had a bunch of different shampoos and conditioners in their showers.  i didn’t understand why anyone would need more than one bottle of shampoo and conditioner. what a waste of money!

then i grew up and got a larger discretionary income, realized it’s fun to own things that aren’t a necessity, and came to appreciate variety, as well as quality, in hair products.  

right now i have seven bottles of shampoo and three bottles of conditioner in my shower, and although that may be a bit excessive, my shampoo and conditioner collection brings me a lot of joy in life.  one of my favorite parts of the day is deciding which shampoo to use.  hey man, whatever gets me out of bed in the morning, right?

this morning i used the newest addition to my collection: paul mitchell tea tree lavender mint shampoo and conditioner, which i got on a whim while at king’s pharmacy last night.  it was kind of pricey, but i found a dime as soon as i left the pharmacy, which i took as a sign.  no buyer’s remorse for me! 



Smells of spring by AEB
February 18, 2009, 7:29 pm
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On a recent outing to Hampden here in Baltimore, I came across the most wonderful smelling candles by Votivo.  There wasn’t a candle in the group that smelled anything less than delightful.  But there was one standout for me: Honeysuckle.  The smell of my childhood backyard!  I stood in the store and smelled it for at least ten minutes.

But in these tough times, twenty-five dollars is a bit pricey for a candle that only burns for fifty hours — that’s fifty cents an hour.  But I think this candle is worth it.  And when my tax rebate is deposited in my account, I will be back at In Watermelon Sugar to buy this scent of spring.

And of course I’d rather buy it on the Internet, but the Votivo website charges eight dollars for shipping, which is ridiculous.  I mean, I’d be a third of the way to a second Honeysuckle candle — or even a Fresh Tomato Leaf one!

three second rule by sabrinalikescake
February 10, 2009, 7:43 pm
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i know this weekend is valentine’s day, and i should probably be writing about that, but i am already on to bigger and better things:  easter.  oh, easter, how i love love love easter.  having been raised in an atheist household, easter, to me, has never been about anything besides candy and stuffed bunnies.  whopper speckled robin eggs, cadbury creme eggs, reeses peanut butter eggs, snickers eggs, double crisp bunny munny… there is really very little that brings me more joy than the easter candy aisle.  

last weekend, on our six month anniversary, jeremy surprised me with a cadbury creme egg, the first of the season.  clearly, he knows the way to my heart.  yesterday he and i were in rite aid and i couldn’t leave without a big bag of robin eggs.  i had a hard time opening the bag, so jeremy attempted.  at first the bag refused to open, but then it exploded open, resulting in a bunch of robin eggs making their escape onto the dirty new york city sidewalk.  i told him to just leave them, but he gathered them up in an impromptu easter egg hunt and put them in his pocket.  some people may find this really gross, but i understand how precious robin eggs are, so i just told him to make sure to brush them off on his shirt before he ate them. 


my marshmallow army by sabrinalikescake
February 3, 2009, 7:22 pm
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it’s snowing outside again.  actually, it’s rain-snowing, you know, that impostor snow that looks like snow but when it hits any surface half melts and, after being exposed to new york city air for two minutes, results in a coca-cola colored slurpee mess?  that’s what it’s doing outside.  i am not looking forward to my walk home- slurpees are good for drinking, not walking in.  the only salvation in this sort of weather are treats!  i mean, the only salvation for everything in life are treats, but that’s irrelevant.  i just indulged in the ultimate in cold weather treats- some swiss miss hot cocoa, courtesy of work.  i wish they’d spring for the kind with mini marshmallows, it’s much more fun, even though they dissolve way too fast.  what i really wish they would offer us are those huge gourmet marshmallows, but those are pretty expensive (often 10 for ten dollars!), and we all know that such expenditures in this economy are not acceptable.  luckily, i am taking a marshmallow making class next wednesday (only 20 dollars, or 20 marshmallows, if you will), and from then on will be able to make my own gourmet marshmallows.  so, to the weather i say “bring it on!,” because my gourmet marshmallow army and i are going to destroy you, sugar style.  

lesson for today: give a girl a gourmet marshmallow and she can enjoy just one delicious hot cocoa to forget the woes of a slurpee slush snow, but teach a girl to make her own gourmet marshmallows and she will be able to create a lifetime of slurpee slush snow salvation.  



more schmallows, anyone?

Comfort candies by AEB
February 3, 2009, 5:39 pm
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Keep candy in your desk drawer.  Work will not go by faster, but it will go by tastier.  Today, I am sneaking delicious litchi gummies.  The upside (and downside) is that each gummy is individually wrapped.

Super Juicy!

Bugs — unlike some other creatures — have full-time jobs, so candy is an absolute necessity for happiness and a successful work-life balance.